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Here’s How We Work With Top Speakers

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How It Works

Speaker Guidelines

We Help You Identify The Guidelines Necessary For YouTube Channels To Work With Your Content

Channel Agreements

Establish Relationships With Key Partner Channels. They Sign On To The Guidelines You Set

Royalty Transparency

Login to Mindset Studio To See Your Earnings, Content Usage, Channel Partnerships, and Royalty Sharing

Transformative Technology

Leverage MindsetDRM’s Groundbreaking Technology To Take Your Channel To The Next Level

This is what our creators say

“Our organization met the team at MindsetDRM at the right time. We had been struggling with the number of YouTube videos using Alan Watts content without properly licensing it, and without following our content guidelines. Instead of taking down all the videos we are now forging new creative idea alliances with willing creators, and MindsetDRM is helping to enforce the guidelines, collect royalties and guide creators toward properly attributing their usage to the original source in the talks.”
Alan Watts Electronic University

Time to Make YouTube Channels Your Partners?

It’s Easy To Get Started.

Here’s what to expect:


Right from the start you will be assigned a Mindset DRM partner manager


Every speaker sets simple guidelines for their content. Choose how you want channels to work with your content


Build your content library by selecting the recordings you would like to make available for creator use


Keep doing what you’re good at. Add speeches to your content library and the Studio will do the rest


Now it’s time to plug in to MindsetDRM’s Creator Studio. This is where you can track everything


Set the guidelines in place with your partner channels and MindsetDRM. This ensure adherence to your guidelines and royalty program

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