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About Mindset DRM

Mindsetdrm is a service unlike any other. We understand YouTube’s creator ecosystem (creator – meaning channels that make videos with your content) and have built unique solutions to improve it. We focus on 3 factors: content guidelines/adherence, royalty splits, and amplifying your reach.

Who we are

We are the founders of Mindset app and owners of many of the largest motivation and self-development channels on YouTube.

The problem we solve

If YouTube channels are using your content or are you are receiving requests by YouTube channels who what to use it, we are experts in fostering this YouTube ecosystem at scale for your benefit. We can turn lost opportunity into increased revenue.

How we do it

A combination of industry knowledge and proprietary software allows our team to develop partnerships, licensing and manage digital content at scale.

Our reach

Our network includes some of the world’s most esteemed thought leaders, and a network of channels with over 16 million YouTube subscribers.

Our viewers

Our audience are those who believe in self-development. They buy books, watch informational videos, take courses, and enjoy discovering new ideas.

Our results

We’ve sold 1000+ books through one video, launched new voices with over 10,000,000 views, and receive over 20,000,000 views a month.

Our Network Includes

16M+ Subscribers | 30+ Channels | 15+ Speakers

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