Four Cutting Edge Modules Behind One Powerful Solution

Technology Built For The Creator Economy

Our Technology Brings These Tools to Life

Just like music needed to revolutionize in the digital world, spoken word is reaching that same frontier. We build technology that allows speakers and creators to work together. This is how we do it


Creator Studio

A singular place to see it all. That means: all channels, all speakers, all content, all earnings.


Speech to Text

But not any old speech to text. We separate voices within recordings to know who said what, and when.


Digital Fingerprinting

The real magic is that we “fingerprint” audios in our library in order to match those prints on popular platforms.


Search and Match

What brings it all together is our ability to scan and match

The Mindset Story

Mindset was founded by three entrepreneurs: two creators and a speaker. The goal was singular: build and organize the self-development industry, and make it ready for the future

2018: The idea for Mindset App was born. This meant one place to find your favourite self-development audios, where creative contributions are credited and tracked

2019: Mindset App is in development. And don’t be mistaken. It’s easy to build an app, but incredibly hard to build an app that amazes people

2020: Mindset App launches and grows. Stage one was to ensure we had a technology product people wanted and used.

2021: MindsetDRM is in development. Stage two’s about taking on the industry’s hardest problem: digital rights management

2022: MIndsetDRM positively transforms. Stage three is when our technology starts going at full speed. Stay tuned

Speakers and Creators, Are You Intrigued Yet?

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