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About Mindset

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Our initial focus is on motivational, self-development, and spoken word content.

MindsetDRM works with Speakers and Creators. With Speakers, we put agreements in place to offer access to their content to Creators who follow their guidelines and share royalties. With Creators, we put agreements in place that offer that Creator access to Speaker content, and ability to earn revenue in perpetuity for permitted creative work they post while under the agreement, given that Creator follows content guidelines and shares royalties.

MindsetDRM was started by two YouTube Creators and an academic speaker. The goal was to create technology tools to reduce copyright infringement and that help grow the creator economy

We offer a solution that works for Speakers and Creators. This means Speakers get to set guidelines and earn royalties when their content is used. Also, Creators reduce their risk by receiving ongoing permission from MindsetDRM speakers. All of this is possible because of proprietary technology that uses four powerful software modules for one solution.

MindsetDRM is built as a beneficial ecosystem for Creators and Speakers. We’ve used technology and genuine care for our clients to build trust, cooperation, and effectiveness.

Partnering with MindsetDRM

Please connect with us at licensing@mindsetdrm.com. If your content fits for MindsetDRM, our team will contact you to explore the guidelines you would like to define for your content. These guidelines become the rules Creators must follow in order to use your content.

If someone is using your content without your permission, connect with MindsetDRM support@mindsetdrm.com. This is exactly the type of situation (and opportunity) that MindsetDRM can likely help with. In particular, we can help you think through if it is advantageous to have creators / channels work with your content in return for royalties and the benefits you receive from their wider distribution.

Let’s use YouTube as an example. The way it currently works is Creators post content on their channels and earn money as those videos get views. Even if the video they post is using someone else’s content, the Creator receives all the revenue. What MindsetDRM does is make arrangements between Speakers and Creators to benefit both sides. Specifically, we help 1) split a portion of content revenue (in the form of royalties) with the content owner, and 2) provide permission to the Creator so they know they are allowed to use someone else’s content. This removes a lot of risk from creators and channels.

Technology does the hard part, allowing all of this sharing to occur with minimal effort. Specifically, MindsetDRM will automatically calculate royalty splits, invoice appropriately, and transfer funds to our partner Speakers.

MindsetDRM works to create a win-win relationship for Speakers and Creators, recognizing both offer value to each other. Creators can’t exist without speakers. In return, speakers would have trouble reaching so many fans without creators, which allows that speaker’s business to benefit. We fine that most speakers and creators recognize this shared value and are now thankful to have technology and a partnership structure they can trust.

Of course, without permission, Creators posting other people’s intellectual property are in violation of copyright laws. As a result, the content owner has the ability to take down that content, or seek to receive all revenue earned. We simply believe there is often a better alternative

MindsetDRM Technology

For signed Speakers and rights holders, MindsetDRM offers access to our studio. Within that studio you will find: content libraries, speaker lists, creator lists, content usage, analytics, revenue sharing, and contact management.

  • The MindsetDRM studio is a full content management platform based on four powerful technology modules: Creator Studio, Automated Voice to Text Transcription, Digital Fingerprinting, Content Search and Match.

This technology allows us to manage spoken word content, ID that content, find it when used on popular platforms, calculate content revenue and royalties.

We believe the creator economy will continue to rapidly grow into the future. As a result, MindsetDRM is planning to expand our services to different formats of digital intellectual property, including: video, music, and images.

Mindset Contact and Reporting

We’d love to help, please contact us at support@mindsetdrm.com

We’d love to help, please contact us at support@mindsetdrm.com 

We’d love to help, please contact us at support@mindsetdrm.com 

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