YouTube Reuse Content: How To Get Monetized Again

Reused content (duplication of content) has been a growing issue on YouTube following the demonetization of channels and new partnerships being with digital rights management companies. (Ie. Superbam – Evan Carmichael, David Goggins ) 

What is Reused content?

If your channel was demonetized due to “Reused content” or you want prevent this from happening, this is what you should know:

Reused means that a portion of the content you published on your channel can be found elsewhere on the internet. This can happen if you use-third party content in your videos, for example:

  • Content from other creators (music, speeches, footage, clips, etc.)
  • Public domain footage
  • Copyrighted content (e.g. TV shows/movies, commercial music, trailers, game cutscenes/intros, recordings of live concerts, …)
  • Royalty Free Music

Examples of reused content

Some examples of content that could lead to the removal of your channel from the YouTube Partner Program due to reused of content include:

  • Content that appears to be generated automatically (third-party content)
  • Third-party content compiled without a creative narrative
  • Content uploaded many times by multiple users
  • Content uploaded somewhere else first
  • Content that is uploaded in a way that is trying to get around YouTube’s copyright tools

If your channel’s content is mainly based on third party content, such as motivational compilations, or similar, that don’t include significant original content or value, especially if the videos that go on for extended periods of time, there is a chance that it can be considered as reuse of content by YouTube, even if you have permission. 

As a side note, if you’re looking for licensed speeches for your videos, including legendary speeches from Alan Watts, go to and apply to join their partnership program!

How to get monetization back

If you want to get monetized after demonetization due to reused content on YouTube, here’s what you can do (based on a Google employee’s advice):

  • Add commentary to the video or show your presence in your videos (voice or on screen)
  • Link back to your YouTube channel from your website
  • Provide more context about your work in your video and channel descriptions
  • Make sure the content on your channel aligns with YouTube’s policies. You can review: Community Guidelines, AdSense Policies, and YouTube Partner Program policies.

BONUS: What’s an example of adding unique value that is eligible for the YouTube Partner Program?

One of the most helpful pieces of advice from the Google support article is the following example:

“One support case our team helped with was for a channel who compiled different scenes from movies and added high quality edits and special effects to create completely new, original movie trailers. This channel makes it super clear that the content is transformed to create something unique with information in the channel description and a video trailer front and centre on the channel homepage. The creator also appears on screen in many videos, or has voice-overs to describe the editing work. Note: this particular channel does have commercial use rights to use the content too!”

So there are a few options that channels like the one in the example that reuses content have:

  1. Edit your content with “high quality edits and special effects to create complete new videos”
  2. Create new original content
  3. Our advice and what our partners have had success with is a mix of highly edited content that we license and completely original content. The key with original content is that it has to be clear to a YouTube reviewer that it is yours and no one else. So you could do something like a series where you or a speaker talks to the camera. We’ve found a mix of 50/50 original and licensed/reused is usually enough to get monetized.

Two more pieces of advice: 

Youtube reviewers look at your channel bio, so make sure you add things in there like you license content and edit it with high quality edits, and they look at your video descriptions, so make sure you add the same info there.

You should also keep in mind that when you are using third party content in your videos, obtaining written permission or license from the rights holder prior to using the content and making sure that your production can be considered as fair use.

If your channel was YPP (YouTube Partner Program) suspended due to reuse of content, you can reapply to join YPP 30 days after suspension. You can also submit a video appeal within 14 days, and we highly recommend this option for the quickest timeframe to get monetization back for your channel. Just make sure that you have removed all (or most) reused content onyour channel before you re-apply so that you have the highest likelyhood of getting monetization back.

What if I get denied after the YouTube reviewer looks at our channel again?

You can reapply every 30 days. Take some additional time to go through your channel, follow the tips in this article (change descriptions, change your about page, delete videos, upload new videos, etc.) and you’ll get it back eventually!

Okay so you’re covered for reused content, but are you infringing on other people’s copyright? 

If you’re a motivational or self improvement channel and are looking for speeches you can use in your videos without copyright issues, such as the legendary Alan Watts, go to today and sign up to be a partner channel to have access to his entire library of audios for your videos.  

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